Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anfang Jänner/Jenner

For oh so many years now, I've been asked to share my thoughts 'n' vibes in a blog. "Tony", my fans and friends would say, "you know so much about women and life and girls, weapons and religion, not to speak about society and politics, why don't you enlighten our humbled ways through this darkness that lays upon us like a rock too old to roll?" Well, I just never felt ready for that quest. Having a blog is different from most other ways of life, the ones you just indulge in for a while till something better comes up and those that you're doing on the side of whatever else you're up to. A blog is more than this, it's a choice, a promise to yourself, a secularized, yet still holy vow. You do it or you don't, there's no running away after you accepted the terms and conditions. So for me it always felt like asking the two-legged prostitute that you just paid in some darken corner with quite a slice of next month's salary if she wanted to conceive a redheaded child. Well, I have to admit that I've never seen a prostitute, which is a lie to the extent of the ambiguity of my statement, of course I've seen many prostitutes in my day, even talked to some, I just never consumed a prostitute in the orthodox manner. I might add that on my imaginary list of lower creatures that I always have at hand in case the world stops turning and the Infant asks me to carry out some justice for him by means of brutality and torture that he officially cannot agree with due to his general demand of love, the John as such is a high-ranking victim. I can spare you details since I believe that most people have had worse torture fantasies than me, yet are still pretty thin-skinned and anxious once they see them moving in waters that are not their own cerebrospinal fluids. In case you would like to hear more about my prostitute-opinions, you should familiarize yourself with the song "I won't sing a song with prostitues in it" that I recorded with my first band Smoker Jesus. The song is a playful, yet pretty sincere objection to the songs "Prostitute I" and "Prostitute II" by the otherwise much valued Wolfgang Press. Now that I think about it, I should perhaps fulfill my duties as a blogger and post a Wolfgang Press video below, there are just too many good people that are not acquainted with this climax of tune & character.