We all have a bunch friends and acquaintances that ask us for support at least once a week, sometimes we have to vote somewhere or to go to a concert or an exhibition we couldn't care less about, so we understand if you don't feel like supporting anyone anymore. It is also highly understandable if you dislike us for being who we are and doing what we do. However, a few of you might enjoy the Fun Club or at least a few things that we do, so we thought we give you an update on what you can do to support us.

§ 1
It might come as a surprise, but we do appreciate financial support:

§ 2
If you want to place an advertisement or know someone who does, please contact us. We don't have fixed prices yet, depending on how much we like your product, company, organization or event, we might charge almost nothing or a lot (if it sucks). You can either pay a monthly "rent" or pay for traffic directed to you.

§ 3
We like content a lot, so please feel free to send us some. Of course we can't promise that we publish it, but then again: why not?

§ 4
Since many of our readers are rather poor and passiv/busy beings, § 1-3 might ask too much. However, there are many easy measurements to be taken that help to increase the value of 1,2,3 Fun Club. It is all about traffic that is generated by you as well as potentially by your friends. Here are some things that you could do:

I. Visit our page from time to time.

II. Make sure that you visit our page from time to time by signing up:

1. As our fan on facebook:

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2. As our follower on Blogspot: go to home and search for the button in the right colume. 

3. As our follower on Bloglovin:

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4. Using your email address:
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III. Make other people aware of our existence by means of:

1. Posting a permanent link ( somewhere.

2. Posting a link to a specific article on facebook or twitter. You find a button in the right colume of our homepage for that matter. If you see a post on our facebook profile, you can can also repost it from there if you like it. It's pretty easy actually.

3. Clicking that you like a post that you see on facebook or placing a brief comment underneath. Comments are also appreciated underneath the actual posts on our side. This way we can find out how you feel about it, evaluate the input and improve further posts, so you'll be a happy customer. It's also a good camouflage since it makes random visitors believe that someone is actually reading this crap and that there might be something behind it that they don't understand right away.

4. Inviting your friends respectively a few chosen ones to our facebook page, so they're slowly guided towards the real shit.

5. Talking about the fascinating things that you read on Fun Club, it is a pretty good hook-up-line.

These are just a few suggestions, there are of course many more ways in which you can support us. Feel free to approach us with any stupid idea, we might actually like it. You should also know that the Fun Club is in touch with quite a few talented people from very different fields. If you want to book a great band, need competent translators for whatever languages involved, writers or dancers, a painter to buy from, someone to design a flyer or a house, just to name a few examples, we can easily guide you in the right direction and don't even charge for that service. Just so you know.