Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We don't know who said it first, but it was probably an old man with a white beard and an alluring coffee breath: "Life's pretty random." In January 2010 a bunch of chosen deadbeats set out to conquer and expand said credo: "Life's pretty random and so's the Fun Club initiative." Well, we all heard this story before, they made a busload of money with advertisement for fair-traded coffee and such and spent it all an liquor and illegal immigrants - most of them deported from the United States of America before Obama changed everything. However, the cyclical forecast is optimistic, so the Fun Club crowd got back together and decided to send their chief executive himself to Neukölln to shoot spots no human eye has captured before.

Here we see a bussinesman overspraying some lame-ass graffiti close to Wildenbruchplatz. The man is not in the picture anymore because he had to spray somewhere else, yet we see two elderly women talking about their poodle and nuclear waste.

In the next picture we see the kitchen of a restaurant in Neukölln. We're legally bound to keep the name of the restaurant confidential, but it bought us a nice dinner at a better place.

Speaking of beauty, we found a nice make-out place in the Julius street next to the the Neukölln Ordnungsamt. It is somewhat retarded, but we like it: