Tuesday, January 19, 2010

19,99 € Award - Jury Member Martin Beck

Fun Club headhunters caught Mr. Fake or Feint. We welcome Martin Beck as the first accredited member of 19,99 € Award jury.

"Martin Beck has studied philosophy in Hamburg and Berlin. Besides that he is an author and curator who loves to cook. He has written for several art magazines and recently co-curated the ‚fake or feint‘ exhibition series at Berlin Carré. Currently he is participating in a project called ‚lobby‘ which, as a part of Forum Expanded, consists in a spatial setting and running the bar at Kino Arsenal during this year's Berlinale. Since the insane topic of 19.99 € award’s first edition is ‚bars‘, he will provide the selection process with his newly acquired profound metaphysical insight into that matter."

My Deer Darling - Christophe Coppens

Thou shalt not bribe your vibes nor agonize, wise men walk their walk betimes. Just a fistful of wisdom we need along with the beautiful dress our chief executive is planning to wear on the night he turns 30. We saw Christophe Coppens' "Deer Cape" from 2005 in Portuguese magazine "Zoot". Grateful we are... add some air as may best please you.