Monday, February 1, 2010

12 45 84 - A Movie Review On Voice Recorder

As any good major business corporation, the 1,2,3 FUN CLUB INITIATIVE has its fingers in many pies. Thus it might not surprise you that we employ a whole bunch of cinéastes. A few days back the nerd crew approached our chief executive Tony Abstract to recommend "12 45 84" by Hadrien Touret. Instead of putting pen to paper, the lazy man mumbled a few brief comments in his voice recorder.

0.10 min
Good, nice, well-done.
0.20 min
Oh, ah, I'm not sure if I like this, it's just a lot like a "short movie".
1.30 min
Oh, no, this is really really good! Yes, me like it!
6:52 min
Still enjoying it very much. Beautiful.
9:16 min
Ah, sad, that's just a bit too much. Was it necessary...
9:40 min
Ah, no, he GOT me. That's brilliant - LOVE it. What a tricky bastard!

Very recommendable flick, amusing, beautiful & somewhat different.

12 45 84 from hadryen on Vimeo.

19,99 € Award - Jury Member Lasse Lawrence/Laurent Lasselin

'Tis a good day for the fine arts, after long and tenacious negotiations Lasse Lawrence agreed to join our jury. Not only is the young man a legend in the Parisian-Berlinian undergound burning art movement, he also is the self-proclaimed Chancellor of a very mean elitist alliance by the name of "mean club", closely related to another darn aggressive group known as "Berlin's fashion police". (Our jury is now complete, nothing can stop the 19,99 € Award.)


"Lasse Lawrence is the temporary pseudonym of Laurent Lasselin. Lasse Lawrence is born in the Eighties, maybe a little before, studied History and Philosophy. One day he entered an Art School just to visit. He decided to stay. Five years after that, he finally got out with a diplom of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Paris Cergy in 2006. After living in Lille and Paris in France, he lives now in Berlin since 2007. He worked for many galleries in Berlin, but not anymore and for the Berlinale each year since 2008. Lasse Lawrence is operating as an artist, a critic, a writer, a musician and choreographer, and developing now a curatorial activity in a little space in Neukölln when he doesn´t have to sweep the floor or do the dishes. Lasse also works as tax assessor, but that's more of a hobby."