Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Air Band Contest - Mitch's Birthday

Most people ain't have the guts for nothing. Nobody hates them, nobody loves them either, nothing worthwile ever comes out of their mouthes or bones, I don't even know who they are, but I can feel their presence and it makes me sick to the guts. If you're not sure whether you should agree or feel offended, find some balls in your boring existence and sign up for the air band contest at the 18th. Perhaps you got beaten up by drunken strangers at some point and fought back and remember the adrenaline rushing through this empty bone-house of yours? Didn't it feel good? Finally alive?

I strongly recommend you to get on stage and prove to yourself that you still have this tiny little (and in some way much bigger) soul of a child hidden in your "persona" that in many ways is more like a function. Do something unexpected, ridicule yourself, become a piece of art yourself, nothing more sublime than this...

Fun Club's security adviser and long term biker, Mitch, will be part of the jury and your MC for the day. It is also his 39th birthday and although he's not the brightest head he understood that it is about time to become senseless again.

You find all the necessary information here and here. Go for it. Sign up or at least invite yourself.