Friday, May 20, 2011


For many many years now the Fun Club initiative has been a huge Smoker Jesus fan, some say the only fan the band ever had. A while ago we managed to retrieve pieces of their first and only album that is out of print by now. Read and listen here.

Both, Robin Pineda Gould (formerly known as Jimmy Pure Evil) and Tony Abstract (also known as Stash Brown, Michel Braun & The Sheriff), started solo careers after Smoker Jesus went South. We featured the former here & here and the latter here.

While making music & money on their own, they never fully gave up on the idea of joining forces for the good of society and love. Under the name of Smoker Jesus Tokyo Drift they collaborated with Lucy London, later they were called The Best Dressed Musicians and The Drunken Mohammeds, but the songs they wrote while wearing these names are nowhere to be found. A few years back they met in Mexico and started the project Arp Incorporated together with legendary local figure Arp Inbodien. In only three weeks they wrote and recorded a full album containing highly romantic songs. We're trying to retrieve a copy of this rare LP and will post it on Fun Club soon.

However, enough of the foreplay, a few days ago our two favorite composers founded a new band just next door here in Berlin. We just found out about it on Wrangelkiez. Enjoy Rochel & the dorks: