Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Close friends and fans might remember that ingenious musician and filmmaker Robin Pineda Gould was the first renowned artist to ever give an interview to the 1,2,3 Fun Club Initiative. It was about time to turn back to this fascinating and always well dressed young fellow. He basically left us no choice when he released parts of his new project: Childish Asylum Crafts. Here and now we will show you the works that have been released so far along with artist comments that might help us to understand why we feel so much at home in his work or should we say "at house". Find out yourself:

"Now you may be asking yourself why this particular tableaux is called 'the trouble (for dogs) of living with christians'... and well, you may be perplexed although I think it is quite clear. These folks just love to praise the lord and they cry and wail 'Jesus gonna be here' with eyes all extraorbital and flay the skin after whippin' it red and swollen, or some such antics. Some of these folks will rip out their fingernails or cut off their testicles, but fortunately Jeb has spared us from such a grizzly scene and just stabbed himself with a good ol' kitchen knife. Of course he unloaded his revolver, shootin' like a madman (notice seven bullet holes -strange). And now that Jeb is dead as doornail who's gonna feed poor pooch? The symbolism of this painting goes from Bosch through Aquinas up to (and through again) the Bible belt. Oh! Happy day!"

"Dancing is important. But it is also very primitive. What is quite paradoxical is that when some of us dance we look quite primitive, while others look quite advanced (usually women). At any length, dancing is strange. Moonlight dancing has been a long favorite topic of humanity, and this piece explores that passion. They are dancing to "The Technology of Tears", a piece written for contemporary dance by Fred Frith. The next track on the jukebox is I ragazzi giu nel campo (Les mauvais enfants de la vallée) with lyrics by none other than Pier Paolo Pasolini. Some read homosexual overtones into this image but it is not entirely clear to me why that is. I think, more than anything it beautifully encapsulates the awkwardness of dancing inherent in a modernized being."

"As you can see this is a farmer, but he is also psychotic. Sometimes farmers have sex with animals, and this is due to what Kurt Vonnegut called bad chemicals. But they are just chemicals that are beyond all good and evil, and thus we are scared to go to some farms. But this farmer isn't really sexual, his psychosis resulted in killing his dog, and then sitting in his rocking chair and staring straight ahead, with no sexual connotations or desublimations. You can't tell but he is listening to Hank Williams (how appropriate)."

"Digging (with Digger the dog -if you didn't get it that's a Chris Cutler reference) through some other old boxes I came across this curious figure. It had more text but it disintegrated in my hands. I think it said something like this: If you have ever had to urinate in a bucket there is really no need for explanation. If you don't like to be naked there is no need for explanation. If you have never said "penis" or "vagina" while talking to your parents you need an explanation, but sadly, none will suffice. Something of the sorts. If you like to be naked, you are a wild individual. I am not sure where the text ended, neither here nor there. Even when the eyes are red, it is an ordinary cigarette. This archive does not endorse smoking anything other than tobacco, not because of any moral problems, but because it is not really all that cool."