Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vive La Christian Dance Force

Fun Club Initiative has a new subdivision: "The Christian Dance Force" based in Duisburg, Germany. In case you haven't heard of Duisburg, the city doesn't have much of a dance history, yet it is quite famous for coal mining, steelmaking and the production of tanks and other heavy weaponry in World War II. Our crusade begins, become acquainted with how we dance our way to God:

And let us prove to you that dancing can also serve an educational purpose. Here we try to persuade "the kids" not to waste their lives and virginities in "the disco". We also demonstrate that women are real snakes that (sort of) deserve it.


Anonymous said...

finally something to really sink your teeth into! I was starting to wonder why this blog was called 1,2,3 fun club when nothing on it was really fun... but this is fun and wholesome!

Guillermo said...

Oh my, those are really evil bitches!