Friday, January 15, 2010

19,99 € AWARD

1, 2, 3 - FUN CLUB INITIATIVE is proud to announce the 19,99 € AWARD. An international jury (Gusti Gould Korban, Cornelia Huth, Martin Beck and Lasse Lawrence) will carefully select the finest young talent within the fine arts. A scholarship of 19,99 € as a one-off payment is granted to the winner.


1. The 19,99 € AWARD is restricted to what's generally perceived as the visual arts.
2. Every artist can apply with one piece of art only, represented by one image.
3. The image should be attached as a digital file (preferably jpg) to the application.
4. Please send your application as an email to FUN CLUB or to our devoted download-boy Michel.
5. In addition to the competition entry, a portrait picture of the applicant as well as a brief vita should be attached to the application.
6. By sending the application, the artist assures that the copyright of the images sent along resides with her/him.
7. By sending the application, the artist grants FUN CLUB the right to publish all the information/material that is attached to the application here. The copyright will of course reside with the applicant.
8. Please be aware that applications that are sent in after February 13th, 2010 can not be considered for the 19,99 € AWARD. By choosing this date as a deadline, our chief executive Tony Abstract hopes to remember his little brother's birthday.


For one reason or another an award needs a (changing) theme/topic. We decided to choose BARS as the subject of the first rendition of the 19,99 € AWARD. We believe that the bar as such is underrepresented in the fine arts given its tremendous importance. Bukowski once said: "I don't like jail, they got the wrong kind of bars in there." And we also remember Lee Hazlewood praying them bars away. Now both hairy old men are not exactly representatives of the fine arts, but that might just be the point. We might add a sincere FUCK BARS at the end of our statement, expressing our hatred towards "the topic". Please feel free to send in whatever artwork imposes itself, if it shows a race car, it shows a race car, if it is good, it is good.


Although our international jury is eager to be highly selective, we might be forced to choose the most random crap. This is for sure an advantage as well as a disadvantage of the first rendition of the 19,99 € AWARD. It's highly possible that you're the only one sending in "something", so you really don't have to be an artist after all.