Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nuclear Sweat - Plateau Repas

Last night we sent our intern Ronny to the Schwuz (Berlin, Germany) to shoot us some maidens from hell. As you can see he is quite new in the business. The footage he retrieved is so raw that we don't want to embarrass ourselves by even trying to polish it. Ronny claims that the material he recovered is somewhat representative for the eruption of loins he experienced. We whipped him hard, but he couldn't care less, repeatedly exclaimed in delight that he finally had an idea of how it must feel to fuck your favorite book up the wall, feeling the thrill of its back being smirched with cheap ink, while the phone number someone had left on the very same wall fades away with increasing pleasure.

Ronny is a crazy cat, no doubt about that, however, we cannot help ourselves but believe that Plateau Repas once again set new patterns for whatever the hell it is they're doing to us. We hear that they introduced a new song, supposedly a song of crisis, in the most honest, yet optimistic sense. We will try to find out more and keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

the pictures are really cool!!! raw photoshop footage? ;)

Tony Abstract said...

Ronny took the pictures with his 3.2 megapixel Nokia camera, no photoshop involved.

Stephan Fuhrpeltz said...

Ronny is so cool!
Do you think it would be possible to have a presentation of the crew?
This way, we'll be able to ask for autograms we when see them!!

Tony Abstract said...

I'm sometimes too hard on the boy, you're right Stephan.

I very much like your idea, in fact I just sent Susan to develop some pictures of our staff.