Friday, January 22, 2010

Announcements - Successful Outsourcing & Robots Robots Robots

1, 2, 3 FUN CLUB INITIATIVE is proud to inform you that the great outsourcing has begun. In only a few hours a book review will be released on 1, 2, 3 FUN CLUB that - for the first time in 1, 2, 3 FUN CLUB history - is not written by our chief executive Tony Abstract. (As you might have figured yourself, we're trying hard to be listed as google's favorite choice for "chief executive".) We will introduce the brilliant professional writer and her piece in extenso soon.

We would like to add a few recommendations for the weekend that is about to absorb us. Besides the aforementioned Tilt! Party, you might want to go to the AKA tonight to see the grand opening of Cy Wilson's exhibition. There are many more things to do, but let us concentrate on this weekend's "Sahnehäubchen", the heart of the beast or should we call it the machine's CPU? There are robots to be touched at the aforementioned Sunday Extraordinaire, for more information dive into this. Our chief executive Tony Abstract will be there himself, he promised to wear a tank top only and called it his way of showing the winter that he couldn't care less. On his right arm you will find the word ROBOT in nasty big letters, whether in washable ink or in form of a permanent tattoo mostly depends on how much money can be raised till Sunday.


On Saturday we'll meet at the solarium, when and where will be announced on 1, 2, 3 - FUN CLUB.


N. D. said...

bald können wir uns regelmäßig zum UV-Baden treffen... ab März mache ich ernst und aus Käse wird Porzellan!