Sunday, January 17, 2010

Remarks And Remarkable Events

At times you find a dog in your apartment, small and black, another piece of coal on four legs or three if the dog has been unlucky, he yells at you like bad dogs do for you've never met before, one should never circumscribe simple things, still I hate the work "barking" too much. There is always a rational explanation, but who really cares how the dog got in. I said "we" once too often, at the end of each day it is I who falls asleep, even without my awareness. And each morning it is I who opens the gates of the Fun Club Burö and I who writes these things, so Susan and Ronny and Murphy and whoever the fuck is feasting at my table can be proud of what "we" did. Not tonight. On a Sunday like this there ain't no space for generous gestures and this is why I brought before you as a gift the very story of the dog. Is he still in the kitchen eating my bones, yes I do sure think so.

Once again I spent my afternoon at HBC's Sunday Extraordinaire, an emerging tradition, a ritual perhaps and an obsession for those who need to crown the climax. I don't like it, but I am one of those, a drive-by confession, yet not an indictement to go, leave it where it belongs. Sunday Extraordinaire deserves better than the pictures I took, there were more sellers than in the weeks before, ever more colorful and inspiring, yet I was still drawn to the corners in which no breath was to be felt. My everyman's Sunday fever, stick your ostrich beak into the mud, but be greatful for all the pretty faces that smile around like they share a secret that you couldn't handle. Hell no, I'm not depressed, I'm just sensitively responding to the calendar, which for a hard boy like me is a virtue according to my encyclopedia of male role models.

I talked to Dr. Uwe Schneider for a quite a while there, he works as consultant for Fun Club in the field of Bermuda Triangle music, everything strained between hippie, gothic and violent noise. He's also an expert on Austrian literature, well-known for his Derrida inspired interpretation of Thomas Bernhard who by the way really shares my deep love for the theater. We exchanged opinions on money-making, Unica Zürn's drawings as well as on the band of the same name, last but not least, how could it be different, on Fun Club's 19,99 € Award. It struck me as a shock that Dr. Uwe Schneider saw elements of parody in my presentation of the 19,99 € Award. I hereby declare that the award in question is nothing less than a parody. If I hadn't spent most of my fortune on liquor and good causes such as the prevention of earthquakes in already poor countries, I would definitely offer more than 19,99 €, unfortunately 20 is all I have left. If it makes our call for submissions seem less cynical, I can change the name to 20 € Award. I will prove my pure intentions within the next days by presenting an impressive international jury.

Now that Sunday is almost over, things appear in a different light, so I let my mind travel to the Sunday to come. Extraordinaire like all my Sundays in 2010, this goes without saying, still special I'm convinced. According to Fleur Helluin, who hosts the weekly freak flea market, actual robots are to be expected on stage. Oh and I do love robots, but who doesn't. Unfortunately I got distracted by the beautiful dark green dress she wore, so this is all the intelligence I gathered, but I'm sure I will see you next Sunday. If you need more intel on the upcoming robotic outburst, I'll update you on Friday at the Maria where Tilt! Party is going down starring Jennifer Cardini.

Before I rest my weary bones, I would like to ask you for a favor. Please take a minute and send an email to Sunday Extraordinaire's hostess using "Pro Fun Club" as the subject. We briefly discussed the possibility of holding the 19,99 € Award Ceremony at Sunday Extraordinaire and I would like to see her that Fun Club has a strong basis eager to push it to the max.


Caroline said...

and what of the dog? don't leave us hangin, man!

Tony Abstract said...

Life is somewhat prosaic, the dog turned out to be a friend of a friend, just visiting...