Monday, February 15, 2010

Eight Things That Matter

REASONS TO READ FUN CLUB ________________________________________________________________

We have reason to believe that superhero Baby Dee might answer a few of our questions. Don't forget to mark March 25th in your calendar - don't you miss Baby Dee's show at the Berghain!

A review of Randy Twigg's masterpiece "Undone" is in the making.

Our review of Houellebecq's and Lévy's "Volksfeinde" ("Ennemis publics") will be continued.

We will soon introduce you to the winner(s) of this this year's 19,99 € Award.

Our HUGE literature award/competition will launch in a few days.

TIME TO GO FUN CLUB ________________________________________________________________

On February 28th we will present the winner(s) of this year's 19,99 € Award in a spectacular show at the HBC. We would like to take a minute and thank our co-operation partner Sunday Extraordinaire.

FRIENDS OF FUN CLUB ________________________________________________________________

Please check out "lobby" at Kino Arsenal, a project by our jury member Martin Beck inter alia. Daily from 11 am to 10 pm or later - February 12th till February 21st.

Please apply here for the air band contest at next week's Sunday Extraordinaire. Don't miss out on 200 €.


rike said...

Wer hat denn nun den Award bekommen und wofür???